Press, Interviews, and Awards:

June 2024 Rebel Rooster Radio “Sheridan Ruitin”
May 2024 SUNY New Paltz “40 Under Forty 2024”
April 2024 News 10 Albany “Ska Punk Band Returns…”
January 2024 Hudson Valley Press “At The Bean Runner Cafe”
October 2022 Dying Scene "Chicago Show Review..."
October 2022 The Groundhog "Poughkeepsie Jazz Project 10 Year"
March 2022 Broken Strings "Working Artist #2"
November 2021 Punk News "Do Your Art"
September 2021 SPIN "25 Years..."
August 2021 Brooklyn Vegan "Stream New Day"
July 2021 Consequence of Sound "Too Much": Exclusive
July 2021 Brooklyn Vegan 28 New Songs Out Today
July 2021 Read Junk New Album "Do Your Art"
February 2021 Bass To Bass Bass to Bass with Ben Basile
January 2021 Road Dog Supply Ben Basile of Big D!
January 2021 Jazz Weekly Vince Tampio: Adult Children
November 2020 Southern Ulster Times Front Porch Concert
November 2020 London Jazz Adult Children
September 2020 Brooklyn Vegan Ska is thriving right now.
September 2020 Bring The Noise Ska Against Racism
June 2020 Punk News Operation Ivy Cover
May 2020 Poughkeepsie Journal A Twisted, Evil Game
November 2019 Dying Scene Steam Strictly Covered
October 2019 Read Junk Rukumbine's Debut
July 2019 Glide Magazine Warped Tour Atlantic City (Day 2)
June 2019 Glide Magazine 10 must-see acts at Vans Warped Tour Atlantic City
January 2019 Sexiest Man in Ska Sexiest Man in Ska 2018 - Ben Basile
December 2018 Neon Jazz 576th Show - December 20, 2018
November 2018 Van Wyck Gazette "In The Limelight: Ben Basile"
September 2018 All About Jazz Vince Tampio: The Nook
September 2018 Soul and Jazz and Funk In The Nook
August 2018 Poughkeepsie Journal "...Rhythm By The Hudson River"
June 2018 The Big Day The Big Day
June 2018 Southern Dutchess News Spirit of Mesier
September 2017    Hudson Valley Podcast Poughkeepsie Jazz Project
June 2017 OC Weekly Staying Strictly Rude
May 2017 SMASH Magazine Warped Again
March 2017 WHUP 104.7 Hillsborough NC. Roots Rampage 3/14
December 2016 Do The Dog Music Top 10 Albums of 2016
October 2016 New Noise Magazine Big D and The Kids Table / Doped Up Dollies Split
October 2016 15 can't-miss concerts in October
August 2016 Poughkeepsie Journal Jazz in the Valley set to sizzle in Poughkeepsie
May 2016 Bucket List Music Reviews Pouzza Fest Day 1
May 2016 Bucket List Music Reviews "Hard Luck Cafe"
March 2016 Reggae Paax Heartbeat Festival
October 2015 Boston Ska Dot Net "Stream New Big D And The Kids Table"
October 2015 Bucket List Music Reviews "The Doped Up Dollies - The New Way Out"
September 2015 Boston Ska Dot Net "First Listen: The New Way Out"
August 2015 Pougheepsie Journal "Jazz For The Valley, Strikes A Chord In The City"
August 2015 The Chronogram "CD Review: Poughkeepsie Jazz Project"
April 2015 "Unsigned Spotlight: The Doped Up Dollies"
February 2015 El Sumer NYSJE La Plaza Condesa
December 2014 Nocturne Magazine "Free As A Bird"
October 2014 East Portland Blog "Crash Land In Tacoma"
October 2014 Rude Boy Train "Free As A Bird EP"
July 2014 Mid Hudson News "Jazz Fest Returns"
July 2014 Poughkeepsie Journal "Jazz Fest"
June 2014 Time Warner Cable News "Poughkeepsie Readies for Annual Jazz Festival"
January 2014 Poughkeepsie Journal "Poughkeepsie Jazz Project"
December 2013 Boston Music Awards "Best Punk Band"
October 2013 Hudson Valley Magazine "Best Of Hudson Valley"
April 2013 "Ben Basile and Billy Kottage"
November 2012 Transatlantic Coffee "Transatlantic Coffee"
October 2012 Hudson Valley Magazine "Best Of Hudson Valley"
July 2012 Times Union "Alive at Five"
October 2011 New Paltz Oracle "Hopping Back on the Quatrane"
September 2011 Poughkeepsie Journal "Enjoy Top Picks"
February 2011 New Paltz Oracle "Musician of the Week"
December 2009 On-Campus SUNY New Paltz "Holiday Special"
October 2009 The Little Rebellion "From Coltrane to Quatrane"